Reviews about Citroen C3

Driving around the city in not too large quantities. Never let me down in so many years. 12/09/2008 A very good car, I drove a lot on Golf5 – I like Citrus more, but with my equipment, the German will cost like a spaceship. more Citroen C3 – he has a pretty face, silver color and big friendly eyes)) This is my first car and I’m sure that it’s hard… Read more

Reviews about Chery E 5

Before that was Lanos 2008, which after 100 thousand began to actively extort money for their maintenance. And cheap to maintain. I think that the car is worth the money, it’s too early to talk about quality, I’ll look during operation. Beautiful appearance (not like the others. more Spacious interior and trunk. Engine 1.5. Fuel consumption at partial load without air conditioning (2500 rpm. Garne cars for those who need… Read more